The Week That Was: Captured 

This week saw Fizz leave reception class, school holidays start and a week of cuddles! Here’s a few of our photos from this week! Fizz made magnets for her teachers as a gift to say thank you for this year.      I got a brilliant parcel so that I could book a sitter and […]


The Week That Was……

Compared to last week this week has felt a bit freer. Maybe it’s heading towards the end of Fizzs first year at school and knowing that 6 weeks of school holiday will make everything a little easier. Maybe it’s that I’ve been able to get out of the house a little more and you know […]


The Week That Was: Captured

Ok, well really it’s a fortnight as this blog is just my space for everything. I post on here when I feel like it (and when work isn’t too busy). It’s a big mix of life, love, work and play. Plus life is there to be enjoyed. I’m blogging less and enjoying everything a little […]